Welcome to FHAWN

We are a supportive network of health professionals based in El Dorado County that provide holistic services and choice in healthful lifestyle changes.

As a diverse healing arts community, we all share one fundamental trait; our sincere compassion and intention to treat and assist each individual in discovering their body’s natural ability to restore BALANCE for optimal health in the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

For Clients

Here you will find the tools and resources, from ancient healing arts to modern therapies, to help you achieve radiant physical health and greater peace of mind. Please select a category or enter a search term to find a practitioner. Check the Classes/Events page to see the latest activities.

Please contact individual practitioners for information on their services.

For Providers

Our mission is to network and promote our holistic profession through this website. Annual dues support this website as an informative directory and integrative service guide with a calendar of current events, classes, a member’s forum, links to your website, blog and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Quarterly luncheon meetings that feature member speakers, provide an opportunity to learn how to share and prosper together by providing a wide variety of healthy lifestyle services and products. Quarterly meetings are purely optional and will likely require the member to pay additional for lunch or perhaps other expenses directly related to the meeting location.

Our vision is to be the leading holistic practitioner collective and regional resource dedicated to the education and practice of preventive health strategies that support and enrich the quality of life for our community.  Here you will find the tools and resources from ancient healing arts to modern therapies that provide the richest choices on the pathway to wellness and ultimately lead to radiant physical health and a greater peace of mind.

You can participate in this great endeavor by becoming a member and adding your listing to our directory.

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Check with the Membership Director for current meeting location.